Meet Alfie

Finding the ideal toy or treat for your pet can be hard, let’s face it, they have their own personality!    We are trying to make that a bit easier for you with this service.   Items that go in our boxes are carefully chosen and are run through several tests.  We aim for quality, customer satisfaction and repeat customers.

How was it started?

This idea started with a tabby cat named Alfred, nicknamed Alfie.  He is a very smart and curious cat that loves to make the most out of his nine lives.  He enjoys getting new cat toys and treats just like any cat would.

How does it work?

Select a package that you feel works best for you.  In  fact, there are basic and premium packages for small breed or large breed dogs as well as for cats.  The basic package will include on average 3 toys and 3 treat items.  The premium package will include on average 6 toys and 6 treat items.  This is a great way to find out about new products and give your pet a chance to try them out.    The quality products we choose to include in our boxes are based on consumer review research that we do.

How do I get a box?

Sample Cat Box


You can purchase them via our shop, as a one time payment option.   Click here to go to our shop.

Using the Paypal option below  you can cancel at anytime.   Periodically, we will include free gifts for those with active monthly subscriptions as well!   If you need help, email us at

Tracking details and delivery information for your order will be sent via email.

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